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Friday, December 18, 2009

9:04PM - obsession

I do not want to make an idol out of anything materialistic.  I most definitely fear idolizing another human being.  I have recently recovered from an infatuation for a boy.  He seems perfect to me and I prayed to stop loving him so much.  I feel powerless with my own emotions at times and I don't know how to control them.  When he is around I cannot speak, I cannot think straight.  I don't want to think this way.  I don't want to make up my own dreams and fantasies, I want God to give me him (if he is meant to be mine) I want a true and pure love from God, but I just cannot seem to get past these wicked emotions.   

Current mood: anxious

9:01PM - pray for me: I feel as if I hit rock bottom

The world is corrupt and scary.  I feel so betrayed.  I feel as though I am so alone. I feel let down by my own family.  I have never done anything "sinful" but I feel so bitter and broken on the inside.  I long for God to be there for me, to feel the presence of love and hope again.  I hope for happiness and pure love.  Please pray for me as I am a young struggling soul. 

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Could everyone please pray for my mom and dad? My mom is in the hospital, my dad is all alone and i just found out his car broke down and he is already having financial problems with my mom being in the hospital. i am not even in america at the moment and feel awful i cannot be there for my parents during this rough time. Please pray for Alana's parents, God will know who you are talking about. :-) I truly believe prayer will help my family through this. Thank you.

Friday, March 9, 2007

11:02AM - Prayers please?

I'm a 27 year old dancer whose Siatic nerve has been acting up. This is a common problem among people over the age of 60, but not for someone my age. I can't afford to go to a specialist, so please pray that God would work things out so i can dance again.

Thank you and God bless!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

1:02AM - Prayers For My Cat Mouse

Hi Everyone,

My cat Mouse isn't doing well tonight and I need to ask for your help please. I believe in the power of prayer and group mind. I'm hoping anyone reading this might kindly spare a moment, even while you're reading this you can do it, to say a little prayer, light a candle, do a positive visualization, meditate, send some Reiki, or anything you think might help my little friend get through the night and the next few days until he can build his weight back up and rehydrate his body.

Mouse is the little white and grey spotted Cornish Rex at the bottom of this picture. Beau and I got him years ago after my husband left and I picked up my son and ran away for a week or so to San Diego searching for some kind of solace or happiness. What we found was a cat show and these two wonderful Cornish kittens, (Mouse and his sister Leelu), and one elderly Siamese gal who needed a home. Unfortunately I have discovered that with some of these very rare breeds of kitties that there is a lot of inbreeding that goes on and because of this they are more prone to illness.

Mouse's sister Leelu passed away but Mouse has been fighting valiantly for a few years now. He has kidney disease, has lost a lot of his teeth, and we have to inject fluids from a bag, through a long tube and a needle, beneath his skin, every single day. He has had bladder troubles as well for as long as we've had him and lately they've been worse. He'll run from one spot to another and wee. He's been peeing on me, on my bed, and yesterday at the vet he just let go while I was holding him so I ran to this stainless steel sink and held him over it while he finished.

We went one or maybe two days without giving him fluids when we ran out because Esther didn't warn me that we were running out. He is totally dehydrated and looks like a fragile little cat skeleton. He's wobbly when he walks. But here is the thing about Mouse, and the reason why I think we might have a chance here, Mouse is a fighter. He has a tremendous will to live for such a tiny person. He has been down so many times before and every time I've taken him to the vet and checked him in thinking he wasn't going to be checking back out, at least not with us, he rebounded, and his doctors would always say things like, "Don't worry, it's Mouse, he always pulls out of it. He's going to live forever."

Yesterday we got 150 cc's of fluids into him and the same today. He's on Amoxycillin which is a good kitty antibiotic. He's been drinking and peeing but he doesn't have much of an appetite which is weird for him because he always wants to eat, especially string cheese, which isn't that good for him, but is his favorite food. Today we've tried offering him all kinds of things and he nibbled but mostly refused, so tonight I had to force feed him baby food. Ordinarily I would accept the fact that some cats are too inbred and maybe weren't meant to live a long life. If someone really wants to go I will let them go because maybe it is their time and I never want anyone to suffer. I could handle it better if it weren't Mouse and I didn't know that if I could just get a little more water into him and a little more, just a little more, weight on him then he would feel better and rebound. So that's why I'm asking for your prayers and positive thoughts, because I love this little guy and I so want him to live.

Thank you all so so much. I just couldn't go to bed without at least asking for help. I need to feel as if I've done everything possible for my sweet little friend.

Big grateful hugs,

Saturday, July 29, 2006


so im new to this group.
i ask that you please pray for my parents salvation, ive been praying for it since i was young.
thank you.

Friday, July 28, 2006

8:39PM - Decisions

For the past 3 years, I have hated my highschool almost every day. Today, I saw a friend from middle school and realized that I could go to her school. I have plenty of friends there and my grades would go up because the classes are easier. I'm having trouble deciding. My parents have given me until Sunday to figure out what I want, so that my mom can put my transfer application in on monday. 
I ask you to please pray for me, and ask God to help me make this decision. I don't know where I'll graduate from, and I don't know what to do.
Please pray!

Current mood: pensive


My dad, raised a Catholic (now non-denom)and taught to be very independent, is really having trouble trusting and relying on God for strength and joy. If you could pray that would be amazing!!
Thank you!

x-posted everywhere cause prayer is good

Saturday, April 29, 2006


I am new to this website and thus new to this particular community and i am hoping that you can help me. My husband although i love him dearly, is not or ever has been a believer in Christ. He is always asking questions and being curious, but i think he's afraid. So if you could please pray for him, that he opens his heart to

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

11:34AM - it's been a while...

My Grandmother who lost her husband a little over a month ago will be going into surgery today. She is having a hysterectmy. (sp) If you could all pray for her and the surgeons performing the operation. Thank you!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

2:40AM - request

i am new to this group. i did a search for prayer groups because, to be quite honest, i am in desperate need of some help and i thought maybe i would seek it in the form of prayers. basically, i am failing school, failing my parents, and failing life in general. i feel like my brain is turning to porridge and i can't seem to get up the mental energy to accomplish anything substantial that will save me from failure. please pray that i find the will and the strength to pull myself out of this hole. it is scary, lonely, and bleak here. thank you so much.

Monday, March 20, 2006

1:09PM - A request for a prayer of confort to my soul and heart

I feel so sad...
I feel lonely...
I been asking God to take this pain away
please pray for me..
I need God to confort me..in this time of pain...
i aready had suicidal attempts..and i feel suicidal again...
please pray for me
i have a lot of pain inside
i beg for your prayers

Friday, February 17, 2006


I have a prayer request.
One of my classmates was found dead last night.
Please pray for her soul and for her family and friends.
She was shot, and they are still investigating.

Thank you.

Monday, December 5, 2005


It's all about Mary but you won't know that until you read all about me ; )

Hello My Kind, Generous, Healing Friends,

I never do anything like this, (cross post things to my beloved communities), but because I admire all of you so much, and I think your prayers are so incredibly generous and healing, I wanted to share the post I put up on my journal today because my friend Mary just found our she has cancer again and she can use all the friends and support and art she can get. Just to warn you, I do swear, occasionally, and I am pretty liberal but if you aren't we can agree to disagree and love each other anyway right?

Here's today's post;

Okay so here's the deal; I've been run down, (bouts of painful cystitis, on top of cystitis, on top of Interstitial Cystitis, mixed with a dash of Hashimoto's thyroid weirdness, the fybro, PCOS, everything that comes with being a compulsive eater who had her stomach and intestines cut up and reassembled, a herniated disc or two, my missing periods, and some kind of weird, low grade infection that has all of my lymph nodes inflamed and tender, and the doctor's befuddled, I just got off a two week dose of a hard core antibiotic that knocked me off my feet, and my sex drive, well, let's just say it's plummeted to some abyss in the middle of the Adriatic sea, and you wouldn't be wrong to pity my poor partner), and busy and trying to catch up. I'm always trying to catch up. Remind me to do something about this someday, will you? Meditation? Biofeedback? Super duper therapy? Laying on of hands? Mexican Food? Cake? Shopping? Drugs? More cats?

But I need your help, big time, I really need a favor -- bear with me while I explain; I haven't written in ages because I keep writing up entries and then doing the usual save-to-edit-and-post-later deal. I'll put them up eventually, (cross our many fingers), but this thing I'm about to ask you is more pressing so I'll just give you an overview of what I've been up to for the last several weeks, and then move on from there.

I'm going to post the pictures from the show of my friend Mary because time's a wasting and she would know better than anyone else that it's a carpe diem kind of thing.
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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Hi everyone, I would like to put a prayer request out for my mom,Janet, who had major surgery 10 days ago and is now home to recover. She is infected and it is a slow painful recovery. I live 6000 miles away and can't be there in person so all I can do is pray and have other people pray and know that God will watch over her and help her recover. Thank you for your prayers everyone.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

9:21PM - Hurricane...and my life

Hi guys...

I live in Texas, and I'm sure you've heard about Hurricane Rita. I'm really scared about it, it's supposed to hit us Saturday. I wanted to ask you guys to please pray for everyone that has been and will be affected by this hurricane. So God takes care of us.

Also, I'm not doing too great with my self-injury, and my family is falling apart.

So if you could pray for my family and I.

Please...that would be very much appreciated.

Current mood: scared

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


If you could all just pray for my Dad right now. His job is really difficult for him right now. Everyone just keeps piling work on top of him, they are asking him to do things that he is not okay with, and the employees are all very awful to each other.

I don't know what God has in store but if you could just pray that he gets used to it, and becomes content and things settle down, or that a new job presents itself, it would be much appreciated. Losing his job right now would turn our worlds upside down. Please pray. Thank you.

X-Posted everywhere humanly possible

Saturday, June 25, 2005

1:23AM - Buki Needs Your Prayers

This is my beloved Buki. I never post pictures of him because his face is so shocking. We were actually winning the battle, or at least turning the tide on these facial lesions, when this stomach problem cropped up. I know he's really scary looking but I don't care at all, I love him sooo much!

Help? I have another cat prayer/mediation/positive thought request for all of you.

Every time I've done this before it's had amazing results, so I really believe in this; the power of collective positive thought. My oldest cat Buki, who is a super-affectionate, lanky, white, blue-eyed, nearly bald, curly haired Cornish Rex kitty, has been losing weight, having diarrhea and throwing up a lot lately. I'm so worried about him. About an hour ago I got a call from his doctor, who was working late returning phone calls. They did a barium study on him today, and the vet said he'd found some kind of mass in his abdomen. It could be cancer but he thinks it might be a foreign body of some kind, like a big hair ball. It's the size of an egg, whatever it is. So tomorrow they're going to use a scope under anesthesia to go in there and take a look and see if they can get it out. If they can't then they'll open him up. I'm so worried he's too old, thin, and unwell to survive this. So I'm asking for your help. Will you do whatever feels right to you for my friend Buki? I love him so much and just don't want to lose him.

Just to remind you Buki is my scabby faced cat -- the one with the facial pre-cancerous lesions that we've been treating with the gazillion dollar medicine. He was a breeder cat who was passed around from one breeder to another, and was living in this little box attached to a long outdoor run, when I met him for the first time. I had gone to adopt one of his sons when I saw him. I always remembered him and felt so sorry for him, and when the woman who had him had to go away to rehab her father called and asked me to come get him, which I was so happy to do. I just adore this cat. I kiss him on his scabby face. I so hope this turns out to be some hair ball thing they can remove and then he'll start gaining weight again.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Please pray for Racheal to live. She needs a miracle.


Sunday, June 12, 2005


Please pray for strength for Joan Mendes and for God to take care of her father, as well as for her sisters. Her father is very sick, and she has had to spend a lot of time and energy taking care of him.

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